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If you don’t want to play something regular in sportsbook Poker88, then you can choose something unique to bet so you have more experience.

Special Bet is Offered by

Not all bettors will like the same and regular type of betting when they play sportsbook. Sometimes they want more than it to explore their skill more and to add more experience as well as knowledge. Which is why, Poker88 offers more because they don’t want to make bettors play the regular types.

If you want to do something with no number like voor or odd even or over under because you are bored with it or you don’t want to think hard, then you choose special bet. Special bet is easy but they are tricky because if you can’t choose well, then you can be trapped inside and you might lose.

Playing The Special Bet on Poker88

If you want to increase your skill using the best betting type, then you have to choose better because nothing is easy for you. Though one special bet looks like a piece of cake, it will make you lose if you can’t decide the best choice. In Poker88, you can choose one team that will be the last winner.

However, it is unique because you need to choose the team that scored first to be the winner right after 90 minutes. Will the team that scored goal at the very first time win the whole match? It means, if you choose yes and you know the first scoring team wins the game, then you might win.

If that team loses the game though they scored the first goal, then you will lose the game. It means, no matter how many goals in there, that team must do two things to make you win. First, they have to score the first goal and second, they need to win the match so you can get Poker88 prize.