Mamalahoa Kona Heritage Corridor – Hawaii Island
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Mamalahoa Kona Heritage Corridor tells a story of historic importance through the road’s intrinsic qualities and sets one’s experiences along this Scenic Byway. Trees that served as a demarcation line between the lower lands to the sea and upper lands to the mountains in ancient Hawaii, line the gently curved road. Buildings represented in the cultural landscape are the result of many cultures coming to Kona over time, each contributing something from their culture toward the history of the area.
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Mamalahoa Highway, once the footpath of ancient Hawaiians, encircles the island. The original wording, mamalahoe (paddle) was the law of the splintered paddle, a decision by Kamehameha the Great to neither commit nor permit any more highway robbery in his kingdom. Mamalahoe was later replaced with hoa (friendship) that guaranteed safe passage on the walking trail to all who made their way around the island. Mamalahoa still serves as an important transportation artery at the 1,400 to 1,500 foot elevation. Today it remains a two-lane road with gentle curves where historic, scenic and cultural intrinsic qualities of the district can be viewed.

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