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HSBP Logo and Signage RFP

Lyon Associates is pleased to assist HDOT with implementation of its 2012 FHWA National Scenic Byways Program signage grant. As part of this process, our state-wide logo and signage design is being developed through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Requests for clarification must be submitted in writing and received by Friday, March 1st. Responses to clarification questions are posted below and will be removed after the proposal due date/time.

1. Is the $5,000 budget outlined for both the Logo and Signage, or just the Logo?
A: The $5,000 budget outlined is just for the logo.


2. Phase I covers the creation of a logo. Phase II covers the development of signage design guidelines that use the final approved logo. Please confirm/clarify.
A: Phase II covers design guidelines but will also require a finished product digital copy of the sign and a printed copy to the sign in the recommended dimensions on presentation board such as foam core to present to the review committee.


3. What is the budget for Phase II?
A: Please submit your best offer.


4. Please clarify the Scope of Work for Phase II. How many different sign types/sign sizes are included? Besides the route markers at the beginning and the end of the Byways, what other signs are included in the scope?
A: We are only requiring the design of 1 single sign – the beginning and end markers will not be customized; currently they will be pre-fabricated signs that will be attached to the same post as the Hawaii Scenic Byways Sign. Should sufficient surplus funds remain, awardee may be asked for a proposal to create custom begin/end signage.

5. Page 5 of the RFP refers to manufacturing a Sample sign. What sign type shall the sample sign be? The price of manufacturing such sign falls under whose budget? Copy for any sample sign will be provided, if necessary?
A: Manufacturing is not included in the scope or budget of this contract. The sample will be aluminum and provided by 3M based on the selected design and specifications.

6. Please confirm the following:
- Concept presentation exhibits
- Final logo digital art files (color and B+W)
A:Yes concur
The scope for signage in the RFP will be for roadside signs component only of a broader Byway wayshowing effort.  Approach for signage to be use of a single logo for all signs rather than use of consistent layout/format with unique graphic/illustration for each attraction.
Sign types included scope:
- Begin/End point identification (post and panel type signs)
- Route Identification (continuing along route) -
- Byway Guide (directional)  (see next paragraph)
- Byway Attraction Identification - Excluded
A:To save on cost, we are envisioning one identification sign to be designed combined with standard directional arrow, begin/end signs mounted on post.
c. Deliverables:
- Design intent drawings
- Digital art files
A: All concept and final deliverables should also be submitted in print format same size as proposed sign, mounted on presentation board such as foam core.

d. Excluded: (see comments below)
- Informational signs at orientation stop points - A: yes
- Maps - A: yes
- Sign location plan and accompanying sign message schedule – A: a draft location plan has been created and depending upon budget, we may extend scope to include review and input by awardee
- Monument type begin/end point identification signs (some examples of begin/end identification signs in the Wayshowing for Byways Reference Manual are larger monument type signs) - A: At this time, we do not have the budget for these types of begin/end signs.
- Final implementation: overview of fabrication/installation of final sign package – A: we will receive a sample and awardee will be part of the review/modification process through final acceptance, but should not be required to overview fabrication or installation.


7. Is there a specific page on the hawaiiscenicbyways.org web site where clarification responses will be posted?